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King Alex September 2014

The legendary London MasterAlex is back with some new pics and a HD video on http://www.mastertim.de and ready to meet real slaves in London right now. His own yahoo group http://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/DivineKingAlex/info



The 18 yo German BlueBoss is back with 25 exclusive pics on http://www.mastertim.de get your passcode now and worship him now, possible for loyal slaves on skype as well.



MuscleMaster Caramel is back with a brandnew 3 minutes shirtless video, schowing muscles, his new shoes, black socks bare feet and your slave cash, Master Caramel will be in London in September and October so contact him for a live session and check out his new video on http://www.mastertim.de and more free stuff in our yahoo group http://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/thefootkings/info



The winner of The FootkingsPoll September 2014 SirKraze is back with some new pics of his huge feet, now 171 pics and 2 videos (running time 20 minutes) on http://www.feetpower.de check him out now and lets see who will be your Top FootKings on 16th November 2014 vote now on http://www.feetpower.de/poll.html if you a feet expert ask me to join the jury, if you FootMaster and your pics not on poll yet you can contact me as well yahoo= kingtim20yo skype=footkings . Now your turn to worship SirKraze feet and make him happy!!!



Hi slaves and footfans, a new video of the young American Skater KrisHawk is ready, 20 minutes running time and some new pics how he trample a slave in Osiris Skatershoes full weight, then make the slave kiss and sniff his skatershoes, then he sit on the slaves stomach and rub his unwashed socked and bare feet in the losers face and make him lick his barefeet clean while he relax and smoke a cigarette, then Master Kris Hawk crush tzhe slaves face under his huge feet, ready for such action in Chicago contact Kris Hawk on skype= skaterboyfeet and check out the new video on http://www.mastertim.de



Masters come and go, but the legendary MasterBenny is still on Top and makes the slaves crawl on all fours to worship his feet and to beg to add cash in his cowboy boots, 45 new pics of this American FootKing now on my website http://www.feetpower.de , so now 245 pics online. Free previews of American Masters in our free yahoo group http://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/theamericanmasters/info

And in his words:

Master Benny: Hey faggots…Master Benny here. Getting ready to take another trip at some faggot’s expense. Flying to California to pick up the car this one faggot is giving me then driving up to Vegas to spend its cash! Yeah faggots you heard me…this fag is giving me its fucking car! I’ll be taking it and my girlfriend up to Vegas to celebrate her birthday. You fags better send me gift cards to I can buy her something nice…you will spoil her just like you spoil me! You got that faggots?? And I want that fucking fag cash for hotels and all the fucking gambling I plan to do! Don’t fucking disappoint me! Then we’re heading through Denver before coming back home, so any faggots along the way looking to kneel at my feet better contact me!
A car…free trip…fag cash to spend in Vegas…just another week for Master Benny! Keep coughing up that cash faggots! It’s all mine!

yahoo immasterbenny
skype theresbenny1



King Darrius is finally back

The famous King Darrius is finally back with 50 pics , wearing boatshoes, cowboyboots, bluejeans, smlly black socks and showing his huge sweaty bare feet, check his new stuff out on http://www.mastertim.de and contsct him on yahoo for a cam show yahoo.id = darrius.alex

next to come: 20 minute trampling video KrisHawk with slave, 18 yo BlueBoss from Germany with new stuff, MasterBenny with hot pics, result of TOP 40 FootKings from http://www.feetpower.de/poll.html



Last chance the current FootKings-Poll will close on 15.September 2014 vote now for your fav FootMaster here http://www.feetpower.de/poll.html let see who will be the winners, if you want to be part of next FootKings-Poll contact me yahoo = kingtim20yo skype = footkings



The young Master and Prince Jake from Liverpool, UK is back with 50 brandnew pics, showing his shoes, boots, rank socks and huge barefeet. Check out his new pics on http://www.feetpower.de and contact him for a cam show on skype: princejake19


Prince Jake - MyVideo