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Spring 2020


Last update: 19.May 2020

AlphaJon with size14 feet, new stuff online

The #footballer #masterpdiddy is back with an update

The #ukmaster #straightalphagod first 80 photos

A new 20yo #germanmaster is #germanalex with 65 photos

#italianfindom #masteraxl is back with new photos
 and first video even with a #footslave

The legendary #masterdrc is back with new photos

and a video

Latino Master Chico new photos and 4 mins video


MasterDeano with size 13 feet, 30 new photos

Teenmaster Blake first 35 photos and 3 minute video of his size 13 malefeet

American #AlphaAlex is back with 30 photos

The #footballer and #footmaster #pdiddy new stuff

MasterPeter the #brazilianmaster
50 photos and first 4 minute video

The #calimaster Xan first 20 photos

MasterDeano with size 13 #malefeet 60 new photos

The American #domgymmaster update

MasterSpirit with an update

MasterGerard is back with an update

MasterNey 25 new photos

19 yo PrinceJo first photos and 2 mins video

MasterChico new photos and 5 minute video

MasterChow is back with new photos

BlackMaster AlphaMaxx size 14 feet
first 40 photos

The #scottishmaster and footballer

#masterpdiddy with an update

MasterDustin size12 feet new photos

 20 yo AmericanMaster AlphaAlex first 20 photos

Legendary #masterdrc with 50 new photos and new video

19 yo #nzmaster 70 new photos

DomGym 50 new photos and 3 mins video

AlphaJon Size 14 first 40 photos

The great #ukmaster MasterDeano 50 new photos

MasterSpirit from Oklahoma 90 photos

Columbian FootKing MasterChris 30 new photos

ItalianMaster AXL first photos

MasterTex 30 new photos

MasterEric from PA,USA, #hugefeet 50 photos

Cali FootPrince Jeremy new photos

#suprememaster from Seattle update

The #blackfootprince Jamal update

Cali Alpha MasterChico new photos and 4 mins video

Master Trevor from Texas 25 photos

The #footballer MasterPdiddy update

UKMaster Deano with new exclusive photos

MasterChow from Michigan new photos


21 yo #mastertex the #footprince 30 new photos

DomGymMaster new photos and 3 minute video

First Master from Taiwan is Alan 20 photos

22 yo #footdom Jeremy from LA 30 new photos

American King Ted size 12 feet, new photos

MasterJames from Michigan update

MajestyAmar 35 new videos and 12 minute video

MasterDustin 40 photos 3 mins video

 MasterJoey new photos and 3 mins video

MasterShin 25 new photos

AmericanMaster #sirkraze update

Master Andrew 20 new photos and free video


MasterBranden is a new Master from Minnesota

American MasterGerard with an update

American NorthernGod size 12 feet new photos

MasterNey new photos

#masterjames with an update

 #GermanMaster Tobias

Master Benny free video trampling slave

Brazilian #alphadrainer Andrew new photos

 UKMaster DarkBlondy new photos

American DomGymMaster 30 new photos 5 minutes video

The Black King DarkMaster new photos 3 minute video

Uk Gentleman #dmaster new photos

Master Joey from Florida 25 new photos

 PakistaniMaster #lordhameed first photos

PrinceJamal with 25 photos

The FootPrince Pdiddy with an update

American #musclestud the great #northalpha

with an update

MasterJoey from Florida 25 photos
+ 3 videos 10 minutes running time

Americanstud #domgymmaster
30 new photos and fresh video

Michigan Alpha #gerardbanks new photos

Legendary UKMaster DRC 30 new photos

French Scottish King MasterPdiddy new photos

UKSir MasterD now 90 photos online

LordRyan aka #bigfootmaster #size16 feet

The Brazilian #alphadrainer 30 new photos

NorthernAlpha 130 photos new video

18 yo AlexGodly 20 photos+ 1 video

TeenMaster George size 15 feet

Master Dylan from Brazil 25 photos

New #brazilianmaster
 is #alphadrainer 30 photos

#emperorchris the great #musclestud

130 photos and his for members

MasterBraz with an update

#MichiganMaster Ted
with size 13 feet 50 photos online

The Americsan Alpha #gerardbanks
new photos online

UKAlpha MasterDRC new photos

Master Ebony the #blackdominus with sze 15 feet
100 photos and 5 videos = 22 minutes

The #hungarianmaster #mastereasy
now in Germany
20 photos

MasterJeremy with new photos

The Blackprince Tyrone 50 photos for members

MasterRich the CaliMaster 25 photos

New 22 yo UKMaster is DarkBlondy

CaliMaster Ney 20 new photos

 The American GymMaster new photos online

American #alpha GerardBanks new photos

MasterChow is back with new stuff

MasterJohn with 20 new photos

The #uksmoker 20 new photos

Master AJ #bikerlad 50 new photos

UKMaster DRC 50 new photos

CaliStud #masterz 70 photos new video

American Footking #masterbig

50 photos + 1 video


MrOctavius new photos+ video

The FootMaster Paul


80 photos and 1 video even with slave

American MuscleStud Kayden

first video = 7 minutes online ready to download

Cashgod new photos and video

Cali #footmaster John 30 new photos

ItalianJockGod 2 new videos+new photos

BootMaster Sir Nate remastered gallery,

800 photos online photos.

American DomGymMaster update

FootBaller from Scotland new exclusive photos

LeatherGod is back with fresh photos.

UKSmoker #JMOsneakers

new photos free video.

FrenchMaster with an update.

New American TeenMaster is SpiritPaw

with 25 pictures of his 11.5 feet.

Brazilian Master Hugo 20 new photos + 1 video

 23 yo MuscleStud JaxSteele with 50 photos

skype: Jaxsteele11

 American Stud Andrew with an update

Master Chow first 20 photos

Master Lee feat Pat and #Sirnate

American TrueAlpha MidWestMaster update,

100 photos now online

Master Guru again 100 pix

American BrutalAlex new stuff

European Octavius Master new stuff

UK DMaster new photos

Master Seeker with 24 photos, even with slave.

MysteryGod size 15 new slave pics

Florida PayThaMassa returns

 new photos and video,

contact infos for members

Alex.Alex with new pix humiliating
slave with his older bros in London

European Master Jhonny with an update.

German ModelEric with more photos, now 300 online

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